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One year ago, the independent, living on her own, lively matriarch of our family suddenly ave unexpectedly began to experience a sharp decline into dementia. Her health overnight declined so badly that we were sure we were seeing our last days with her. Reluctantly we as a family decided to place her in the care of Dr. Patel and the staff of Palm City Nursing and Rehab, and nearly right away she began eating, walking (with assistance), and conducting daily activities again, as opposed to barely being able to keep her eyes open just a week or two before. Today, she is still in need of care, but it is due to the communication, care, and services provided at this facility that she is with us and doing so well. We cannot thank the dedicated staff enough for caring for her, and becoming apart of our family. Thank you all! - Crystal
This is a wonderful facility, caring staff and wonderful administrator❤️❤️❤️
Linda Scott
Went to look at this facility for a loved one, and was very happy with the outcome. All the staff are very kind and helpful, and the building seems to be getting a wonderful makeover. Which makes me feel good to know that my loved one would be staying in a well kept place. The Executive Director April was there to answer any questions my family and I had and was very educated on her facility, staff, and position. Would highly recommend looking into Palm City Nursing and Rehabilitation for you or a loved one in need.
Madison Madden
My experience at Palm City Rehabilitation was excellent! I received great care by a very competent staff. The physical and occupational therapist were extremely helpful and supportive at helping to restore my strength, balance, and confidence.
Russ Ohsberg
Mom fell broke a hip, Palm city did a great job with her , there is always someone to speak to everyone is extremely helpful, any concerns were addressed , PT was great even showed the family what to do when home. It’s not an easy job and they did great so thank you
d alex
Phenomenal PT Department!! Have been to South Florida Orthopaedics as well as Cleveland Clinic PT and neither one can compare to Palm City Nursing & Rehab Center. Cleveland Clinic could only get me in sporadically and said they would call me if they had any cancellations after I started going there, even though my Dr. prescribed 3x per week. I was seen at Palm City Nursing and Rehab within 2 days of contacting them and am being seen 3x per week with excellent results. My physical therapist, Christie, has exceptional interpersonal skills along with outstanding PT knowledge . I highly recommend this facility!!!
Don Roeck
This facility was great with my mother. From administration to all of the staff. Very great full for the attention that they gave her while she was there. By far one of the best places for skilled nursing!!!!
Vanessa Delgado
First impressions are everything to me and when I walked in I was greeted with friendly staff, a beautiful facility, and it smelled like an upscale Marriott!
Shaun Gyger
Never an easy decision to make when you can no longer help but need help for aging parents. My Papa loves his home what we call “ Nonna’s Place “We are truly blessed as a family that my Dad is well taken care of. Please see for yourself take a tour . Respectfully Nonno’s Family
Nancy Borges
An amazing facility, so bright and beautiful. The care is fantastic. The CNA's and nurses are so loving. The admissions director Kaitlin is such a pleasure and so helpful!
You have changed my life in 15 days. Better than any center I have been to since having my medical set back. Love everything about palm city. Rehab and nursing. Pls go to Palm City
sonia pita
My father is probably the hardest resident that the staff has to deal with. He is a very difficult person. The center and there leadership have gone out of there way to help and accommodate him in every way. They are in constant contact at least weekly on how he is doing. I work out of town during the week and it is a great relief that they go the extra mile to make sure my loved one is getting great care. The facility is close to my home and makes it easier for family to visit. I would recommend Palm City Nursing and Rehabilitation to any family facing the heartbreaking decision to have a love one placed into a nursing home.
Ben Laird
Mi experiencia ha sido muy satisfactoria y un personal muy profesional en especial el departamento de Terapia Física, lo recomiendo a cualquier paciente que necesite rehabilitación después de cualquier cirugía , thanks Palm City rehab and nursing home
Carmen Mendez
Awesome place, very professional and supportive staff through and through. We are extremely happy with the care they have provided to our mother.
Jamie Hyde (Asset protection expert)
Palm City Rehab is awesome! My mom stayed here for about a month and I only have positive things to say and remember about her stay. The staff was impeccable! From Renee, Marie, Liphaite, Nurse Nicky, And (I’m so sorry/embarrassed that I took so long to write this post this review!!) my favorite Social worker/manager who was an absolute GEM from intake all the way through the time my mom was released, as well as the nice nurse with the red scrubs, and even the ladies at the front desk/intake- all the staff were super friendly, attentive, professional and VERY personable. They made her feel at home and her guests feel welcomed each and every time. They helped strengthen her through therapy and support until she was ready to go home. She was in escruciating pain and the staff was compassionate and integral in seeing her through her stay. The rooms were nice and the grounds clean and updated, but I can’t stress how much I would recommend Palm City rehab because of the staff. The team worked together and did an excellent, excellent job.
Jeff Napol
I received excellent service post operative for total knee replacement. The PT staff ensured that I reached maximum knee flexion. My orthopedic surgeon was amazed at the flexion and mobility that I achieved in Rehab. Nursing staff members provided excellent care ensuring that I received all my medications and treatments in a timely manor. I highly recommend this Rehabilitation Facility for all orthopedic postoperative patients. My total recovery time will be considerably shorter because of the PT program at this facility.
Elaine Jolley
I recently joined the Palm City team as the food and nutrition director. The team is amazing and supportive, the residents are wonderful to work with, and the building is beautiful. I am proud to say I work at Palm City nursing and rehab!
Bonnie Azcurra
I visited my neighbor while he had a 10-day stay at PCN&RC. He raved about the facility, the food, and especially about the rehab dept. and their therapy staff.
Datts II
Having been to several other facilities in the Stuart area, I can honestly say that this place is the best care facility in our area. The administration is top notch, nursing staff knowledgable and supportive, CNA's are compassionate and caring. I love the Occupational therapists and the physical therapy department. They are professional and highly motivated to make sure you are getting the best care possible. I would recommend this facility to anyone who needs to place a loved one in a caring loving environment.
Jan Blanco
My elderly mother with chronic dementia has been at PC N&R for 6 months now. For the past 4 years she has been virtually comatose - not even acknowledging family or any other people. Since she has been here she is a different person - alert, responsive, answering simple questions and most surprisingly, looks at, and responds appropriately to people, family and her caretakers. She has been in a number of local facilities, depending on the level of care required, and our whole family has been delighted with the quality of care, social interaction, and care of the caregivers. The therapists are outstanding - as has been our experience with everyone there. Very pleased and have already recommended them to families needing care for elderly relatives. Thank you PC N&R!
Bruce Osborn
My Mom has been there a few months , she will be staying long term. I am there daily and have not had any problems. Very clean , staff is awesome. Very friendly and caring facility.update , mom is still there. We all went through he'll during coronavirus I am very grateful.
Robert Biondo
My dad was at Palm City for 6 weeks of rehab ending in April. I have read other reviews, but I cannot say enough positive things about the entire staff. They demonstrated a caring approach to assist dad and my family during a tough patch. The Rehab Team was outstanding as were the nursing staff who assisted him throughout the day. Thank You Palm City Team!
Robert Blenkle
They were very careful and concerned. The last time I was treated that well, I was being cared for by my mother.
Joe Crankshaw
Awesome rehab team! The facility is beautiful, clean, well maintained and the rehab department is fantastic! The nurses are friendly, helpful and caring and the food was great. I would highly recommend this facility and I will be returning when I have my other surgery.